Panel Discussion “What Does Art Have To Do With It?

Culture on the Palm

Panel discussion through the presentation of the works of four women artists. All four artists study at the Department of New Media Art and share the same place of growing up – Novi Sad. All four are in some way dealing with current phenomena, as well as by questioning certain social institutions. Some of the current issues of identity, migration, space (tenancy, sub-tenancy), psycho-geographic space appear as questions through which it is necessary to ponder upon in order to understand the context of today. Whether and how much is anything subversive and what is the need for it, is one of the questions they ask. Like the levels of censorship that are now predominantly stronger than ever. Finally, how important it is to understand the context of Female artists through the current new media-conceptual practice.

Svilara Cultural Station, Novi Sad, 2019.
Vanja Novaković, Jelena Gajinović, Sanja Anđelković, Milica Jokić
Photography: Uroš Dozić

Panel discussion
Culture Station Svilara