Aesthetics, and Media: A World of Variation or Simulation or a Mediator in New Forms of Education?

Pannel discussion: Aesthetics, and Media

Reviewing dialogue with various authors has shown that there can’t be just one universal reflection that comprehends rising dynamism of new media. While Frankfurt’s School was showing that behind the apparent nihilism of modern technical world stands a clear mechanism of control and manipulation, and Freiburg’s was trying to find a source of modern crisis in the roots of European civilization, Baudrillard declared the end of the traditional way of thinking in contemporary media and showed their role in the process of endless simulation of truth. Regardless, it has been shown that the contemporary world of media can be considered in dialogue with philosophical tradition. In this consideration, the notion of variation (Manovich), has a key role in replacing traditionally understood notion of mimesis. Artistic practice is precisely the main exemplar that shows the influence of new media on identity construction (simulated versions of personal identity), as well as the relationship between the artistic original and the copy. Although new digital media allows maintenance of desired (identity) simulations, it great potential is evident in enabling subjects to express their own individuality, as well in searching for new ways to improve their quality of life.

Author: Tanja Todorović

Moderator: Tanja Todorović

Participatns: Vanja Novaković, Luka Janeš