Scroll it

Scroll it offers an insight into possible outcomes of humans’ attachment to digital devices, the internet world, and social media’s fantasies. Meaningless and hypnotized scrolling through the layers of information has become an everyday reality for many people already.
The application enables interaction between a user and device because of active participation, and there are individual tasks. Narration follows an infinite gradient of colors and depicts how social networks and the Internet affect human perception and personal identity with a witty and ironic, kind of therapeutic approach. When positioned in gallery space, Scroll it allows a viewer/user to engage with space, environment, body, and other visitors.
There is a scoring system: the more you scroll, the higher the result becomes. After a certain number of points, a user gets a bonus, one piece of information created by a random fact generator. Therefore, this application is a prototype of a digital tool that allows users to spend their free time more creatively on devices.


Scam Me, QR Code Show in the Sand, Loading Festival during Miami Art Week, Miami, 2021.

Youth Biennial, Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade, 2021.


The Wrong, Digital Art Biennale

Developed by Luka Lopičić

App Scroll it