The exhibition “The End of Language – One More Time About Wittgenstein” in the Milica Zorić and Rodoljub Čolaković Legacy Gallery
Aesthetics, Psyche and Media: A Manifold of Mimesis in the Age of Simulation / Vol. 7 No. 2 (2022): Conatus – Journal of Philosophy
Scroll it / 18th ADAF | FutuRetro – 3rd ADAF online edition, 15 Sept 2022.
Awards – The end of language – Wittgenstein reimagined.
Getting Familiar With Cultural Heritage Using All Senses
The fifth edition of The Wrong Biennale
Scam me
Crisis of the Body: Ambivalentions of the Postmodern Subjectivity Modalities / Jahr – European Journal of Bioethics
Anatomy of a Fatberg
Youth Biennial
Ja sam površna/površan u KC Grad
Novosadska umetnica Vanja Novaković na Kiosk of Democracy
Scroll it Application The Wrong
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the Wrong
Click Her(e)
Click Her(e)
Solo exhibition
SULUV Gallery
Temporary Space Berlin
Online artist talk by Vanja Novakovic
Temporary space Berlin
Elements of Art
Declared winners of competition for 2019.
Inclusive Gallery
Bitches, and Money
Pop-up group exhibition
Kulturforum – Nova Iskra
X group small-format exhibtition / Meeting
The Wrong Pink Blue, and Red
IN ABSENTIA: Digital pavilion
The Wrong Biennale
Exhibition of master students of the Department of Fine Arts
Glockenturm „Liesl“, Grazer Schloßberg
Pink,and Red
Solo exhibition
SULUV gallery
Transpositional Discourse of Identity and Space
Gallery Platoneum, Branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts SANU
What Does Art Have to Do With It?
Culture station Svilara
Visual Transposition of Identity and Space
Serbian cultural center, Paris, France
Project “Differences”
Cultural station Svilara
VI group small-format exhibition / New Rhythm
Transformart gallery
Exhibition “Bodies, and Organisms”
Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina
Solo Exhibition “You Female Moron!”
Partizan Gallery, Shock Cooperative