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Romance, Sci-fi

Based on research about Google company and its founders. The whole book is written with a help of Sassbook AI Writer.

Chapter 5

Lucy was a prisoner of Larry’s own dream. He promised her money, power and glory. Once she thought that they all become a prisoner of their ideas. She was afraid to speak about that, but deep inside she knew that something isn’t right. They had become so paranoid about the world that anything they did or said was seen through their own eyes. Larry and his dream were so deep, even the word ‘dream’ had to stay in the closet, hidden from their eyes, in order to keep them from seeing it, too.

Even with all their problems, there was still something for them to build. Something that would take them back to their childhood, as they tried, to learn to live. On the surface, everything seemed so bright, a dream of glory that their children would inherit. In their reality, however, the cabinets, office and the kitchen were like a prison. There was no light, no air, just thick darkness and silence. What they could hear, which was really just the whisper of a breeze, were the screams of others. Larry wanted to give her all his power. To be able to make her believe and then she would always be his.

On one rainy morning, Larry said to Lucy that she doesn’t have privacy anymore. Ever again. That he will follow her everywhere she goes, on every corner of the earth.

‚ÄúReally? You can follow me everywhere” she asked. Larry smiled, and that was the answer.

Then she wondered what was he doing, really? Was he on her side? He had no qualms about leaving the house, or even having his car out back parked in the driveway. Was that his idea of privacy?