Larry’s Pages – Novel


In progress, 2022.


Romance, Sci-fi

Larry’s Pages is a gripping science fiction novel that draws inspiration from Google’s business policies. The author masterfully explores the company’s founders and examines the range of Google products while skillfully weaving together short stories that unfold with the help of artificial intelligence through the use of AI Writer.

The story commences at Killinger Company, a tech enterprise at the forefront of artificial intelligence and advanced technology. Larry and Sergio, the founders, find themselves at the center of a thrilling discovery—a mysterious hacker breaching the company’s system from an unknown location. This unexpected turn of events prompts them to delve into classified files concerning a top-secret government project, all revolving around a key figure named Tanaka.

Through the captivating short stories, the novel brings to light the pressing issue of privacy violations and the alarming misuse of private data for profit, a theme intricately intertwined with the functioning of the fictitious Killinger Company. As readers delve deeper into the narrative, the ethical implications of company’s products and the potential consequences of technological advancements take center stage.

Larry’s Pages skillfully weave together themes of technology, ethics, and human ingenuity, offering a profound exploration of the complex intertwining of innovation and moral responsibility. The use of an AI writer by the author cleverly highlights the corruption of datasets, compelling readers to recognize their own responsibility as consumers in perpetuating stereotypes within AI—an aspect subtly reflected throughout the text of the novel. Overall, “Larry’s Pages” emerges as an experimental masterpiece that brings to light essential issues related to the consumption of new media tools and the potential ramifications of their misuse. The book delves into a world where unseen threads of technology and human choices shape the future, inviting readers to ponder the fine line between progress and accountability, leaving them with lasting insights into the ever-evolving landscape of technology and its impact on our lives.

Reviewd by ChatGpt