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In progress, 2022.


Romance, Sci-fi

Based on research about Google company and its founders. The whole book is written with a help of AI Writer.

Larry’s recipe for a successful business

Render, monitor, record, and communicate. The more you learn about consumers and their behaviors, the better services you can connect to them. This is the perfect time to get customers onboard and make them want to give you their data. After all, this is what your business really depends on. As a result, customers are more likely to buy. You can also use customer data to create a better experience and better products.

After location tracker, the company started to work on a new platform that can analyze how individuals behave. That platform is called Virtual Self. The goal of the project is that by analyzing a person’s behavior and actions, they can understand their personality, what motivates them, their goals etc. They used the word ‘understanding’ as a metaphor. In the sciences it is called ‘psychometry’, or ‘forensic psychology’ for humans. Some of it is simply a matter of collecting data from people’s behavior, from their own lives, to see what they are like in their present, how do they work. Once the data is collected, the task is to organize the collected data into patterns, then to use those patterns to predict future behavior. Then, if possible, these models can be used to construct models that can anticipate how a given person will behave in certain situations. They are very precise and can tell you what type of car to drive, where to park, exactly what you should order at a restaurant, who you’ll be meeting with, when you’re going out of town. So, in other words, a human being is a set-in motion of dynamic variables. That’s pretty much it; this was the basic task. As for the people, there’s a lot of discussion of them in “The Rules of Psychoanalysis” by Sigmund Freud. After all, the main goal was behavioral modification, prediction, and control.